"Leading the way" Campaign

Here we celebrate the impact of what has been an outstanding philanthropic campaign for The University of Auckland. With the fundraising total passing the $200 million mark, it is, in all likelihood, the most successful such campaign in New Zealand’s history.

It is our great pleasure, on behalf of the Campaign Leadership Committee, the University, and the Foundations that have supported the campaign to thank the many donors, numbering in excess of 3,000, who have contributed so generously to this marvellous achievement.

The Campaign was titled Leading the Way, a title which reflected the desire of the University to support outstanding research and teaching which would make a major contribution to the wellbeing of people in New Zealand and throughout the world. And that it has done. The generosity of our donors has allowed us to create scholarships to attract and support talented undergraduate and postgraduate students, to bring to New Zealand some of the world’s finest researchers, to support top academics at home, and to create truly world-class teaching and research facilities. The ideas generated as a result will benefit our society for many years to come. 
From left: Roger France, Chancellor; Professor Stuart McCutcheon, Vice-Chancellor; John Taylor, Campaign Director

But the Campaign has done much more than even that. It has created in the University, and in our community, a greater understanding of the power of philanthropy. It has built stronger linkages between the University and the many communities we serve. And it has laid the platform for the creation of a genuinely worldclass university in New Zealand. 

Our thanks go to all whose hard work and generosity have made this Campaign such a success. We will continue to ensure that we create the greatest possible benefits from your support and hope that in the years to come you will continue to feel that your support of this great University is well worthwhile.

Follow the links below to read just some of the success stories that our donors have helped to create. Of course it is not possible for us to report here on every project that has been supported by our many donors, but please know that we are very grateful to each and every one of our supporters.