Participation counts – the Annual Alumni Appeal helps us do together what we cannot do alone

At the start of September, alumni received an annual appeal to support students and significant initiatives in each of the University's nine faculties and schools. Changes in recent years to government funding, enrolment levels, and tuition fees have made alumni support even more imperative to ensure talented students with limited financial means further their education. It can take just one gifted graduate from The University of Auckland to positively impact the lives of thousands, be it through discoveries made in research, contributions to the arts, medical practice, or innovative entrepreneurship … the ways are endless.

The 2008 Appeal raised over $75,000, and on the heels of such success we are reaching for $100,000 in the 2009 Appeal. More than 73,000 alumni were included this year, and the emphasis was participation before means. When we all give collectively, even a modest donation makes a difference. Although we are a comparatively young university by world standards we have a strong and vibrant alumni base, and with each passing year support grows.

When the first annual appeal was sent out a few years ago it was with some trepidation. How would our alumni react to being asked for a donation when alumni before them were never asked? Luckily, many understood the need and importance of supporting higher education. Every community needs the help of its members to prosper, and the university community is no exception.

For New Zealand to make its mark on the world and contribute answers to the important questions of today, we must educate our best and brightest with the greatest minds and resources. In supporting the Annual Appeal, alumni are supporting this significant goal.

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